Zoodiac Academy Coat of Arms    Zoodiac Academy is an elite group of intergalactic animals!

Our prime directives:
  • Seek out loud bass beats and dance them down.
  • Seek out hot furry mammals, smell them, and make love to the best!

From the wooded mountains of Shambhala, to the colorful desert of the playa, we've rocked socks off far and wide.

Find us near the 9 o'cock plaza at Burning Man 2012...

Prime Minister of Space Cyrus Zero

Burn Night 2011

Comrad Bogs and Hot Rod

Queen Green Bean and Super Major Nova

Director of Foriegn Affairs Caper

Special Agent Raccoon and Col. Colonel HoneyBadger

Special Agent Mercury

Constance Van Squad

Mistress Firefly

Zoocompression Team

Zoodiac Pie

Commander Rocket and Captain Skyfox